Don’t fuck around with this dude

So the other day I was walking to work and I came across this car:

I was trying to come up with something clever to say, but words just seem to fail me. So I let the pictures speak for themselves.

All I could think to myself was : wow, the FBI, Mafia and Bandaraya are all working together now!

Gig #9

My sister knew that I couldn’t afford my own SG yet, so she decided to be nice and bought one for me:

And it’s not just any SG, but a limited edition re-issue of The Fool!

Not. I wish though. Haha.

Anyway, I haven’t been updating recently due to my time being spent defending the guilty in Phoenix Wright : Ace Attorney 😛 if I knew being a lawyer was this fun, I would’ve considered a career change back in college!

I’ve also been busy working on the comic which I announced I was working on with James a long time ago. So I’ll be more free to blog when I’m done. Besides, nothing that interesting has been happening to me lately. Besides late night encounters with strange creatures in strange places. And the usual fun shit I do with my buddies, haven’t had much to say recently. Going through some sort of writer’s block.. I’m even having trouble penning lyrics for my newest song! Hopefully it’ll pass soon.

And last but not least, this upcoming Saturday night (taken from Reza’s myspace):

Come one, come all, and watch me perform for the open mic 😀
And catch Jerome (one of the main acts). That man is a siren! Haunting voice and poetic lyrics. Real good stuff.