Don’t fuck around with this dude

So the other day I was walking to work and I came across this car:

I was trying to come up with something clever to say, but words just seem to fail me. So I let the pictures speak for themselves.

All I could think to myself was : wow, the FBI, Mafia and Bandaraya are all working together now!

5 thoughts on “Don’t fuck around with this dude”

  1. i knew these 3 have been conspiring to suck our blood clean!

    haha. reminds me of this proton wira with a sticker that says “zero racing”. Thattts right, zero racing for a lousy car like this

  2. tingtitlei : hahaha. should be negative racing

    Kinson : lol. could try. then again, i dont wanna risk getting raped 3 ways :p

    and yeah there’s some weirdo in the car reflection.. i wonder who that is!

    vinzie : you miss getting served in ping pong!


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