The first post ever..ever!

You know, since its my first post of a brand new blog I decided,’why not start with a bang? why not post a story that would be so memorable, people would recognize me by it?’

Okay, I was kidding. I always kid..but not about this. My little sister was there as well and she can confirm it (no i didn’t pay her to lie!). And this isn’t something you’d want to lie about anyway. It’s not a DHV, I don’t think it gets you chicks..

Sunday night. Bukit Antarabangsa. (KL’s best kept secret my ass, I digress) Home.

I was sitting on the couch in the living room watching prison break on Star World, while my little sister was in front of the computer doing her thing. My mom came out of her room and used the living room mirror to remove the curlers in her hair.
Then all of a sudden, my mother asked me,”George, what’s a blow job?”
(if this was a movie, this is the part where the record skips, the music stops and everyone stops partying)
I think I choked, and then I said ‘What?!’
‘What’s a blow job?’ she asked again.
At this point, my little sister starts giggling to herself, so I seize this opportunity to say ‘ask Beth, she knows!’
‘Elizabeth, what’s a blow job?’ my mom asked yet again.
Beth burst into a fit of laughter and said ‘ask George! He knows!’
‘Why are you laughing then? What’s so funny? Tell me the meaning of it! George!’
I started laughing as well, and my mom was still clueless. So I told her, ‘ORAL SEX’.
‘What’s that?’
I think I was then as red as a tomato. I mean come on, who would’ve thought that I’d be the one talking to my mom about what a blow job was! Is it the role of a son to tell his mother what a fellatio was? How the hell was I going to explain it?
And my mom kept pressing on,’please explain it to me!’
I collected myself, and calmly said ‘It’s when the girl eats a bananna!’
And then she said ‘ohhh.. okay’
Then before she could ask anything more I said ‘and I do not wish to talk anymore about this topic!’ and I went back to watching prison break.

Parents these days!