A pot of tea

Chamomile tea is not something I drink very often. But I saw it on a menu today and decided to order it. I’m familiar with the name because it was in one of the Professor Layton games on NDS. There were also a bunch of fictional teas you could brew for bonuses but I never bothered with that. I got my NDS many years ago from a friend who decided to give it to me as a birthday present. That was nice of him. It had an R4 card which allowed me to load it up with ROMs I downloaded from the internet. Because of that, I played many games on the device. However, I never finished a lot of them. My favorite games on the NDS were the Castlevania series and Mario Kart. I think the last game I played on it was Pokemon Black. I didn’t finish it either, getting only a couple of badges in the game before I put it down for good. I used to be a big fan of Pokemon games. I remembered finishing the Japanese version of Pokemon Green because I didn’t have the English version on my Gameboy. It was pretty tough not knowing which techniques I needed to cut some trees to proceed. I didn’t even have the light technique so I finished the cave section of the game by bumping up the brightness and fumbling my way through the cave. I think I spent a few days on that section alone. These days I’ve only been playing a handful of games – mainly Dota 2, Hoplite and My Little Town (the latter 2 on Android). I’ve got a few games on my PC that need finishing (Fallout 3, Cuphead etc) but I find myself loading Dota 2 and playing it instead of other games. I don’t know why, I guess it’s addictive and I’m addicted to it. Like cigarettes. I smoke daily. Not a pack, but I make sure I have at least 2 cigarettes a day – one in the morning and before I go to sleep. Which is weird because cigarettes are supposed to keep you awake. But as far as I can remember, I have found myself passing out before my last stick whenever I’ve been drinking a lot. Maybe it’s because of all the alcohol in my body already, the cigarette didn’t really matter – it is probably the act of me sitting down and relaxing, which lets sleep take over my body. I’ve been sleeping a lot recently, starting my days in the afternoon because I can. Sure, it’s not the best use of my time, but it does feel good. I think it’s good to give in to sloth every now and then. Maybe not. Sleeping too much does make you feel lethargic when you finally give up. Which is what I’m feeling right now. I guess this Chamomile tea isn’t helping either, since it’s supposed to help you sleep. Probably that’s why I don’t drink it very often.

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