17 Feb 2024
- Switched to a custom MaterialPress Theme, still tweaking settings, so expect changes in the coming days
15 Feb 2024
- Enabled W3 Cache settings to speed up site performance
- Did a quick search of all instances of blorgy.net on my blog and replaced them with goodnewsgeorge.com to fix broken URLs. This has the side effect of replacing non-URL instances of the word, which means some posts will need to be manually corrected.
23 Jan 2023
- Welcome to version 1.0 of goodnewsgeorge.com
- Blorgy.net will officially die on 23 April 2023, and will be replaced by goodnewsgeorge.com (purchased 13 Nov 2022)
- Implemented the Neve theme
- Redesigned the About page so it's easier to track changes, the archived text is below
Archived Text
- Well after what seemed like forever, I've finally purchased my own domain name (8 April, 2007).
I actually planned to launch this blog on Friday the 13th of April 2007, but laziness got the best of me and so here it is 5 days later.

- I'm still playing around with the layout and all, so this might not be final, but it probably is.

- Anyways, leave me some feedback, I'm always interested to hear what people have to say, and if you notice that your link isn't here (I probably forgot to put it) let me know, and I'll link you.

- I will come up with a better about page. Soon.

- I created the banner by taking a photograph of a keyboard and then vectorizing it using Toon Boom Studio. Colored it, touched it up, and added the letters in Photoshop.

- Found the blog design by browsing through some random themes on the WordPress site. Changed it abit, while retaining key elements of the original design, and tada! A brand new blog.

- Yay.

- Spring Cleaning Update: 30th January 2018
- Changed site font
- Cleaned up sidebar (removed inactive links, compressed archive and category lists)
- Added social media links to the sidebar
- Added links to related posts
- Tweaked the background color

- Fixing some injection redirection shit 11th June 2018

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  1. Heya i saw gravity was on Netflix and was reminded of you. Great to see you’re doing well and hope you have a great 2023 ahead


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