Down with the sickness

It’s been awhile since I last fell sick, and even longer since I blogged about it. I guess it’s kinda pointless to write about being sick anyway. There’s not much to say. I’m on meds, not really in the mood to write, but fuck it. Just write anyway because I haven’t hit 5 posts this week.

If there’s one thing that sucks about being sick, it’s probably having to run to the toilet every 15 minutes or so because you can’t contain the shit (heh) inside. Anyway, I’m on drugs for my fever, cough, flu and sore throat. On a side note, why isn’t flu spelled as ‘flue’? I seem to automatically type flue on the keyboard for no reason.

Not sure how I got down with the sickness, but it could’ve been food poisoning from what I had for lunch on Friday, or the terrible weather we’ve been having? No idea, the only thing that matters is I get better, I guess. Tried smoking one cigarette yesterday, couldn’t finish it. Haven’t smoked at all today. I guess getting sick is an easy way to quit. Haha. I remember feeling the same way when I was hospitalized as well.

I started my new job on Monday, so it would be terrible to be sick on the second week of work (I know what sort of implications it brings lnny) so it would be terrible for me to not show up to work tomorrow. Anyway, it’s been good so far. I’ve been productive. There’s a lot to be done. I’m happy. I’ve never done a lot of the things I have to do, so it’s been a good learning experience as well.

Today I didn’t do much. Spent a lot of time sleeping. Eating meds. Sleeping. Oh, I’m almost done with my “Science of Everyday Thinking” course. I just have one more assignment to submit – a video about how I am going to change the world. I have no idea what to do for it. It also puzzles me, since I don’t think the course has much to do with changing the world (if it did, then I’m probably doing it wrong). Also, I have no intentions to change the world. So, yeah.

Anyway, I hope the weather clears up. And that I get better from whatever I’m suffering from. Have a great week everybody.

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