Dreaming about old homes

Last night I had a dream that had something to do with my home in Ampang. A few days ago I had a dream related that home too. I remember when I was staying in Ampang, I used to dream about my house in Happy Garden. So that got me thinking – why was I always dreaming about my old homes?

I decided to do a quick search on Google to find out if dreaming about old homes meant anything, and here are some of the answers I found:

To dream of old home means a reunion or renewal of an old friendship or relationship. The old times when you were still together. To dream that you are revisiting your old home means that you are still grieving over things that have changed in your life. [source]

This points to issues that probably are resurfacing in your current life, and need to be looked at, analyzed, and healed so you can move forward and not look back. If you find yourself repeating the same old tired mistakes, or dealing with the same old tired fears, chances are you will have this dream. [source]

dreaming of your old house, since you grew up there is a reoccurence of something you have to learn from your past…there’s something you learned as a child, and you have to apply that learning to your present life, because you are in a situation, or will be in a situation where you will need that knowledge…it could also be that you are acting in your current life, how a child would. [source]

Maybe you miss the familiarity and stability the house represents/provided (not necessarily pleasant ones, though) [source]

Houses in dreams usually represent parts of ourselves. It is important that you think about what the symbols in this dream represent to you. I will give you one interpretation but I caution you, this does not mean that it is correct because only you know what these symbols really mean. [source]

So most of them talk about having to deal with something in the past; but I can’t seem to put a finger on it – what about the past do I have left unresolved? I know I think a lot. It’s one of the things I seem to do a lot. Most of the time I usually speak my mind and then I feel better. I can’t seem to think of anything that I might have left unsolved but I dream so much about my old homes it probably means something.

Maybe it’s something that’s surfacing and I just don’t know it yet. Or maybe I’m just thinking too much about dreams and I should enjoy them for what they’re worth – moving pictures in my head.

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  1. Something unresolved huh? “To dream of old home means a reunion or renewal of an old friendship or relationship.” What could be happening in the next few days that would be a reunion or renewal of an old friendship? Hmmmm…..


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