First gig of ’08!

And so, tomorrow will be the first time I’ll be performing this year :p I can’t wait!

Marketplace KL (visit their site for a map)
featuring SingleTrackMind, Jerome Kugan, Oh Chentaku! and other open mic acts
its rm20 cover charge which gets you 1 drink
for more info you can call the number on the flyer, or me at 0123616973. I’ll be doing only one song due to time constraints, but do stay for the other acts!

If you can’t make it to this one (or don’t feel like coming cos i’m only playing one song :p) I have an upcoming gig after next week, where i’ll be the ‘main act’ with a 15 minute set.

See you guys there!

5 thoughts on “First gig of ’08!”

  1. that’s awesome! I actually didnt know you were still playing gigs. Wish i could be there but america is kinda far :P. Good luck.

  2. eriol : I’m starting this year! Hopefully I’ll get somewhere haha

    Chung Sin : fucker

    Van1ty : don’t worry, when you come back to kl I can play all you want

    moy : thanks 🙂


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