Japan #01

Wow. So I finally made it here.

Not the same way that I thought I would be doing at the start of the year, but hey – I guess it’s better than nothing. I’m currently typing this post on a Japanese keyboard and man it is tough. I keep having to backspace every five seconds. The symbols are all over the place, not like conventional QWERTY keyboards, but hey it’s a minor gripe. I landed in Japan around midnight on Sunday, stayed awake until 5.40 to catch the bus to my hotel only to find out that I can only check in at 2pm. Seeing how it’s 7am on a Sunday right now and nothing is open, I decided to look for an internet cafe to write this out.

So far from what I’ve seen, Tokyo looks awesome. It’s like Singapore but a billion times bigger. Super clean streets, lovely buildings, people cycling everywhere and so on. I’m definitely having trouble communicating with the locals, but I guess it comes with the territory. Doesn’t help that I’m Chinese either, as everybody expects me to speak Japanese when I approach them. Haha. Anyway, I got a long way to go until I check in, and I’m tired as shit. So, I can’t really think of anything to write here at the moment except that I’m safe and sound and in Tokyo. I’ll blog more when I get into my hotel room, so I’ll just end the post here.

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