My name is HP

This is one of the funniest youtube videos I’ve seen in awhile. And I still re-watch it occasionally. I probably linked so of you guys to it before, but if I haven’t, check it out. Harry Potter in the hood:

(still wracking my brains trying to come up with something to write about. I guess not much has been happening in my life recently :/ And I’m still no closer to my new year’s resolution)

2 thoughts on “My name is HP”

  1. hahahahaahahahhaaa..H.PT πŸ˜›
    lol..don’t think so much about making resolutions k..just think of living yr life to the fullest with what you have now k πŸ™‚ ((hugs)) Be HAPPY :p DONT WORRY BE HAPPY..sing along πŸ˜›


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