Plastic Bags/Girls.

Have you ever wondered why a lot of plastic bags are pink/red/orange? You know, those thin bags that can be easily poked through with a finger. They come in the most horrible colors. Especially those you get from most mini marts or when you take away food from mamaks or hawker stalls.

Do you ever wonder what goes through the plastic bag manufacturer’s mind when they make these bags? “Yes, these bags are gonna look awesome in shitty pink!” I mean what color are the bags naturally? (oh the irony) I’m assuming they are clear. So do they dye those bags? I mean how do they get those colors onto the bags?

Then what about clear bags? Are they cheaper or more expensive to make? And why do clear bags seem to be stronger than colored bags most of the time? Does coloring the bag weaken the plastic? Does it matter? No. But I’ve always thought about these sorts of things. Is there a reason to everything?

Why do girls move on so easily? Is it because they don’t care as much? Why do they find it easier to let go? Do they frame their minds to perceive that guys are assholes who deserve what they get no matter what happened? Because no matter how hard I try, I can call a girl a bitch, and try to mean it but I’ll never feel that way. Like I know that it’s a lie (even though it may be true) that I can’t believe. Are girls naturally designed to move on without a second thought?

Is forever just a seven letter word?

8 thoughts on “Plastic Bags/Girls.”

  1. It depends on who’s giving, and who’s taking. If you’re the giver, and the girl runs off with what you gave, that would surely hurt. But it could just as easily happen to a girl, who’s giving to a guy who runs off with what she gave.

  2. Alison : maybe.. but if it was a relief, both parties should move on at the same time right?

    Isobel : that’s where you are wrong. Haha.

    aimee5 : what if both of them were givers?

  3. If both are givers… give up.

    There might be a psychological reason for the pink. I wonder if it’s the same for other countries. I wonder if it’s just because they have more leftover pink dye (from manufacturing other plastic products.)


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