Still alive

Day 2 of my Cameron Highlands escapade. Nothing out of the ordinary, really. The only difference between here and home is that it was really cold last night and there was nothing I could do about it besides crawl under more layers of clothing. I’m starting to believe I’m really not cut out for living in cold weather (as evident in my previous posts).

I did wake up to some bad news though. I was thinking of using my laptop on the bed, but it died as soon as I unplugged it from the wall socket. I thought that was pretty weird, seeing how it was fine yesterday. I tried turning it on and it wouldn’t respond. I reconnected the power and it turned on fine. When Windows started, I checked the battery and apparently there was no battery present (impossible since this laptop has a built-in battery). I did some troubleshooting, and now Windows detects the battery but says that it isn’t charging. Computer still refuses to boot up without being plugged in (I’ve tried rebooting many times). I guess I’ll have to stick with pen and paper when I’m outside. Hopefully I won’t be having anymore problems. Am definitely going to take it back to the store since it’s not even 2 weeks old. Bah.

The rest of the day remained cold and started warming up towards the evening, which was good. But I’m guessing it’s going to be another cold night today – but I’ll be prepared for that. Ran out of toilet paper today (there was hardly any left to begin with) so I had to make a supply run. Also stopped for some lunch at Old Town because I wanted to see if it was any different from what we have in KL. It was the same thing, just a smaller menu. Food was still delicious (or I was hungry, I’m not sure).

After that I went to a tea plantation to drink some strawberry tea – that is some good shit. I’m probably going to start drinking it more in the future. Did a bit of writing and came back to the apartment. Messed around with the guitar and came up with a new tune, now I just to put in some words.

Had dinner earlier, walking distance from this place, substandard fried rice, but the food on the other tables smelt delicious. Came back home, and now I’m writing this entry while waiting for water to boil so I can make some coffee.

It might be too early to jump to some conclusions but I feel like this trip hasn’t been the best use of my time so far. I mean, sure I get the peace and quiet and nobody to bother me, but I’d get the same thing too if I was in a cafe in KL. The only difference is I can’t just pull out my guitar to start jamming whenever I felt like it.

I do enjoy the weather (when it’s not freezing) but Cameron Highlands feels like the kind of place people go to to die. Might just be this part of the highlands, but I’ll do more exploration tomorrow. So far, all I’ve seen are really old people or children. No one in between. Then again, there really isn’t anything for young adults here. I’m surprised there are schools though. And tons of Oppo shops. Also, I saw a Mary Brown and KFC on the drive up, no McDonald’s here (not that it matters – I’ve eaten enough McDonald’s for the month collecting the Adventure Time toys).

Welp, gonna get back to finishing my new song this evening before I call it a night.

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