The End of a Season

As my holiday draws to an end, I thought I’d sit down and reflect on the past few months of my life. I can summarize them in one word: great. It’s been amazing not having to worry about anything work-related. I didn’t do anything productive, as is the case with most holidays, but I did have a good time. They were probably the best months of 2017.

A short list of things I did:
– woke up late
– go to bed late
– drink lots of coffee
– visit Cameron Highlands
– played a couple of gigs in Penang, as a bassist for The Propositions
– recorded a few demo tracks
– resumed reading
– wrote a novel
– resumed blogging
– watched a lot of movies
– watched a lot of TV series
– partied a few times
– caught up with friends
– got myself hooked on mechanical keyboards
– started the design document for my first game (it’s been like 3 years, I know)
– got my first plant (LUL)
– got a new bed
– got a haircut
– played a game of basketball

Anyway, the main thing I learned about my season-long holiday is that a break from work does wonders. I’m feeling refreshed, re-energized, and re-centered. I’m ready to get back into the daily grind – in fact I’m looking forward to it. I’ll probably try to utilize my leaves as often as possible to give myself these brief respites to keep myself happy. I’m not getting any younger after all. 2018 is going to be great, I can feel it in my bones.

What I intend to do this year:
– finish my first game
– record songs that incorporate keyboards in some way
– play more sports
– learn to play a Dance Gavin Dance song

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