The Wishing: Gig #03


It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged, but what can I say? I’ve been really busy with work and life. I do miss writing though, so I’ll definitely find sometime during this week to update and Songs on Repeat. Anyway, on to more pressing matters: The Wishing has got an acoustic gig this Thursday, so do come check us out! We finally have a full set of four songs. (Hooray)

Sausagefest is also an event for charity, so do come along and show your support. You’ll get to eat tons of sausages, and the money goes to charity (RM5 per sausage). The line up is great too, with a lot of familiar faces from the local indie scene, and of course Once Upon A Time There Was A Sausage Named Bob. Hope to see you guys there!

SAUSAGEFEST! [Facebook Page]
November 17th, Thursday
The Bee Cafe, Jaya One

Minimum of RM5 DONATION per SAUSAGE! AND every RM10 donation entitles you to the LUCKY DRAW! 😀

Leo Lee
Our Sunsets
Ariff AB
The Wishing
Locust Day Dream
Car Crash Hearts
Once Upon A Time There Was A Sausage Named Bob

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