The Wishing – Winter Coat

The Wishing performed this song acoustically for the first time last Sunday.

The vocals are pretty soft so you can’t hear much, but anyway, here are the lyrics to the song. Note: I messed up while singing live, so some words don’t match up haha.

The Wishing – Winter Coat

I love to wake up to the ring tone of my Skype
A fresh cup of coffee sitting by my side
I know this call is gonna be good
It’s always good to hear from you

I know it’s late, but it’s okay
Three A.M. doesn’t mean a thing to me
When I get to hear your voice
It’s always good to hear from you

Because over there it snows
You know back home it won’t
And it’ll be eight long hours
’til we see the same sunrise

And if you’re feeling cold
Just close your eyes and know
That if you think of me
I’ll be your loving winter coat

I love to watch you blowing kisses to me on my webcam
You know I’ll tell you that you’ll always be my ten
Oh god I miss those pouty lips
It’s always good to hear from you

And I’m marking the days on my calendar
’til this torturous wait is over
And you’re safely back in my arms
I’ll never let you go, but I’ll pray for now

This music for this song was written by Jason, all I came up with was the rhythm guitars for the chorus. I was struggling to find the right words to fit this song for a very long time, until I looked through some old writings and found these words.

I originally intended this song to be a 2sh song, but I couldn’t come up with any music for it. I decided to try singing along to Jason’s progression and I thought it fit the song well, so it became The Wishing material instead.

The verse lyrics were written about a month back but I only managed to finish the whole song last week when I was suddenly inspired with the melody and words for the bridge. After that, everything just fell into place.

The lyrics were inspired by 2 friends of mine, who’ve had a long distance relationship spanning thousands of miles for a couple of years and they’re still going strong. Hani and Ferhan, here’s to many more years together! 🙂

Fun fact: This song was originally titled ‘Loving Winter Coat’.

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