2storeyheart (get ready for it-) VIDEOS!

Haha. So last night’s gig was a blast. I got to perform 6 songs (lol) and the new song was pretty well received. And thanks to my sister I now have videos of me performing! all 6 songs!

(tonight you are) my star

the untitled ‘party song’

october angel

everyone’s got a myspace song now

paperback romance

car crash hearts and a love letter written by a half-dead romantic

Note- the video is out of sync with the audio and the last few seconds of each song are cut :S I have no idea why, but its better than nothing. Besides you can’t see my face in the videos anyway haha.

Thanks to all you guys who took your time to come and watch me perform. Thanks to Jasmine for organizing another great gig, and to the bands that performed. An Honest Mistake– I think I’ve found my new favorite local band! You guys were awesome. When Jasmine asked if I was single, I should’ve said ‘yeah..until I fell in love tonight.’ lol

Here’s to more songs and gigs in the future. Feedback/comments would be appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚
And if you want more, you can head on to myspace.

3 thoughts on “2storeyheart (get ready for it-) VIDEOS!”

  1. You gotta have a gig scheduled sometime when I get back so I can sit in the crowd and sing along to paperback romance like proper fan! Haha. The new song sounds pretty good too. But I actually didn’t have enough broadband quota to listen to any of the other songs fully. But yeay George! =)


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