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Gig #122 Urbanscapes 2019: The Spotlight, and Some Ramblings

See my name on the poster?

This year, the opportunity to perform at Urbanscapes arose and I seized it immediately. There was no audition or filtering – just put your name down on the time you wanted. Sweet! I always had the impression these big gigs were usually by invitation. So for those of you who are wondering if I suddenly became some bigshot, the answer is no.

I can’t remember the last time I performed at a large scale event. It might have been a youth festival with Jason back when Doppelganger and The Wishing was a thing. I know Facebook shows me photos from that even every year. Good times. Maybe I’ll get to play in a band again next time.

Anyway, if you’re interested in watching the show (there are going to be tons of acts besides me) I’ll be performing on 23rd November 2019 at Medan Pasar [Map] at 1 pm. Facebook Page. Drop by for some cool tunes on a weekend.

Sometimes I think to myself, why the fuck do you have so many hobbies? Why are you interested in so many things? Why not just focus on one thing and maybe get good at it? Beats me. I like variety in my life. Maybe that’s why I have multiple keyboards I can switch between.

I mean, can you imagine wearing the same clothes for the rest of your life? I’m not sure if that’s an accurate analogy, but hey.

It’s my life and I get to do whatever I want with it. Like this month, I’ve been participating in Inktober. Sure, I’m not using real ink but I’m still doing drawings (almost daily anyway – had to do multiple per day to catch up). I’m hoping that by doing all these drawings, I build some momentum with my art and finally get around to pushing out my now almost-delayed-by-a-year comic – Animal Bus.

In addition to that, I’ve been meaning to read a lot of books I have purchased over the past few years (thanks Big Bad Wolf). I think that the lack of reading in my life has been hampering my writing ability. Which makes sense because you should be surrounding yourself with what you want to do.

Back when I was writing a lot of music, I was always listening to music, playing the guitar and singing daily. These days it’s more like an occasion if I pick it up. And it’s usually to practice for an upcoming gig. So why bother performing in the first place? Because I enjoy it, duh.

Anyway, this is more of a ramble than anything. I felt like writing something today.

Gig #121

A bit last minute but hey – drop by if you’re available! I’ll be performing at a new venue tonight, details below:

Lenggai Open Mic featuring Hameer Zawawi [Facebook Page]
Time: 9-11pm
Location: PODs The Backpacker Home & Cafe [map]

An award-winning singer, songwriter from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Hameer Zawawi writes and performs Indie Theatrical Folk songs. Follow his Instagram @hameerzawawi

Within 4 years in Kuala Lumpur, Hameer has managed to perform for numerous Malaysian-based festivals including Penang Island Jazz Festival [2013], Urbanscapes [2013, 2014], DiverseCity KL [2015], Mercedes’ Urban Hunting Art & Music Festival [2016], Yayasan Sime Darby Arts Festival [2016], and
was one of the headlining acts
for Johor Bahru Arts Festival

He will be performing for the first time at PODs The Backpackers Home & Cafe this coming Friday at 9pm. Ticket is only RM15 with FREE PODs bubble tea!

There is a cover charge of RM15 – I know, it’s been a while since I’ve played at a show that charged 😂 but I hope to see some familiar places in this new location!

Gig #119, Gig #120

It’s been a while since my last show. I think I say this too often. Probably. But I’ve finally decided to get onto the stage again, with two shows for the coming week! If you’re on a long raya break, no excuse for you to not show up! Join me for some chill tunes and cool beer. Details below:

PLOY Open Mic #95 ft. Sarah Daniella [Facebook Page]

Time: 8 PM – 10:00 PM
Date: 3rd June 2019
Venue: Ploy at Clearwater [Google Maps]

The PLOY (at Clearwater) Open Mic is our 2nd longest running open mic night which happens every Monday evening just outside the palace! Each installation features one of our finest musicians, with this one featuring…


SARAH DANIELLA started singing at the age of 10, influenced largely by gospel and soul music. Her love for the blues developed later on as did her love for rock. She blends these influences to create a unique fusion of music.

Over the years, Sarah has been a part of a few musical groups and bands. She has more recently begun to focus on her solo project, Sarah Daniella Music. Joined by Ravi Shankar on drums and percussions, the two of them perform a mix of original songs and familiar standards by acts such as The Beatles, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Madonna and the likes.

She is no stranger to the stage and has performed at events such as Tun Siti Hasmah’s retirement dinner where both Tun Siti Hasmah and Tun Mahathir Muhammad graced the event, Filem Festival Pelajar 2014 (FFP), Multimedia University Convocation Dinner 2012. She has also performed in many other livehouses and performance spaces such as Merdekarya, Pisco Bar, PLOY at Clearwater, The KL Journal and many others.

She sites Janis Joplin, Tina Turner, Etta James and Joan Jett as her biggest vocal influences.

Follow her:

***OPEN MIC***

8.00pm – Juliana Heng
8.15pm – Yan Chang
8.30pm – 2storeyheart
9.15pm – Clement Lee
9.30pm – Andre D. D’Cruz
9.45pm – Dzaim Adzmi

Poolside Open Mic #92 ft. Eloise Lau [Facebook Page]

Time: 8 PM – 10:00 PM
Date: 6th June 2019
Venue: The Swimming Club, KL Journal Hotel [Google Maps]

The Poolside Open Mic is our 3rd longest running open mic night which happens every Thursday evening right on TOP of The KL Journal! Each installation features one of our finest musicians, with this one featuring…


Eloise Lau is a folk-pop singer-songwriter who has written songs in the full range of the emotional spectrum, from not wanting to get our of bed to wanting to watch a person burn and fall. An experienced performer, she has graced the stages at both local and international venues – as the only Malaysian representative at the 2013 ChildAid Asia concert in Tokyo and most recently at Urbanscapes2017’s #rediscoverKL. In 2016, she embarked on an ambitious song-writing project as a part of her thesis in her final year of university, which gained recognition from local press. She was also nominated as one of the best College/Uni acts at the 2016 VIMA awards and was interviewed as a featured guest Astro VBuzz which was aired exclusively on local TV. Expect to see more of Eloise Lau in 2018!

Follow her:

***OPEN MIC***

8.00pm – Layeena
8.15pm – 2storeyheart
8.30pm – Jenssen Kuek
9.15pm –
9.30pm – Black Plastic Hat
9.45pm – Young & Onn