Gig #140: SChooLOFANiMALs

I’m happy to announce that I’ll be performing at Open Mic 5.0! However, this time it won’t be at Monster and Beer – instead it’ll be at a venue I haven’t played at before, SChOOL OF ANiMALs (I’m not sure if they have an official spelling at this point). I drew a picture inspired by the awesome artwork that adorns their bars.

Anyway, it’ll be the same deal as before – loads of chill tunes and cool craft beers. Drop by if you have the time, I’ll see you this Sunday!

Google Maps | Instagram | 30 June | 5-8 PM

Gig #139: Twenty Eight Music Bar

Getting back into the groove of performing again, this time with two shows lined up for the month of June! Three if you count my botched performance in the office (it’s time to get a stash of 9V batteries so that problem never happens again) – but that wasn’t open to the public.

Anyhoo, I’m back at Twenty Eight Bangsar tomorrow. It’s a public holiday, so drop by for some chill tunes and cool beers.

Google Maps | Instagram | 17 June | 8 PM

The other show I’m playing hasn’t been officially announced yet, so stay tuned for it but it’ll be at the end of a month, in a brand new place with craft beers, so look forward to that <3