It was happening. I couldn’t believe it. Just like the crazy guy down the street predicted. The world was going to end. What was that word those young kids use these days? Apothecary? Apollo? Oh wait, apocalypse. Heh. The name of one of my favorite comic characters. I remember reading X-Men comics as a kid. Those were good times. I enjoyed watching the TV show as well. Gambit’s voice actor was great. After watching the cartoon, I always heard his voice read his lines when reading the comics. That distinctive southern drawl (even though at that time, I didn’t know where he was from) was what drew me to him. And his red iris and black sclera. Oh, and his chill attitude. He was cool. I always wondered why he was never more popular. He and his fancy card tricks. Like Tyler, my old buddy. He was great at card tricks. I remember going over to his house while he was still learning, and he’d amaze me by doing crazy shit like making a card stick on the opposite side of a glass door. We’d spend so much time together, just hanging out. If we weren’t chilling at home, we’d be out looking for the best cup of coffee. I can’t remember how many different cafés we tried. But he never agreed with me on what a good cup of coffee should taste like. That didn’t matter. The best friends are the ones who complement you right? They don’t have to agree with everything you say. I liked good coffee, and he liked the shitty ones. God bless his soul. It’s been awhile since I paid him a visit, but I guess we’ll see each other soon enough. And a whole lot of other people. It’s going to be one big congregation up there. Or down there. I always knew I’d be going to hell. After all, I had no restraint when it came to jokes and making fun of things. The more offensive, the better. I guess I was just apathetic by nature and never really learned how to empathize. A flaw. One of my many. Too many to think about, but it’s okay, I no longer have to worry about it. The drinking, the smoking, the chronic masturbation – all of that isn’t going to matter where I’m going. Or when I cease to exist. Which is it? I’ll find out soon enough.


I turned towards the sound and was surprised to see my wife standing at the doorway.

“Are you lost in your thoughts again? Why are you still sitting on the toilet?”

Confused, I pinched the bridge of my nose, blinked and looked at my wife again.

“Ah, it doesn’t matter. We’re all going to die today anyway. I didn’t take my meds either,” she laughed.
“You’re going to die today. I’m going to die today. In any case – it was nice knowing you.”

I nodded and managed a smile.

“I love you.”


Writing Prompt from Reddit: Take some dice – just whatever you have lying around. Roll them all and add up the total. Your character is that old when the apocalypse occurs. (I rolled two dice twice to get two digits: 6 and 7 for 67)

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