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And I’m suddenly aware of your unhappiness.

i am pissed. i am fucking angry. i’m probably gonna read this post a few weeks later and laugh about it. but as of this moment, i am seething with rage. i wanna scream, ‘FUCK YOU GOD!’ but its not gonna make any difference. and it’s probably not his fault. so here’s a big fuck you to my sorry excuse for a life.

I know life has its ups and downs. well today i had a shitfest of a day. I spent 700 bucks today, and its just to fucking survive. I’m barely getting by each day as it is, and today just had to shit on my face.

i long for the day where humans evolve to be impervious to diseases and any forms of illnesses. and our bodies will be indestrutible. the only way we would die would be from old age or suicide.

then doctors would be out of jobs. fuck them up their stupid asses. they deserve it. i’d rather die of cancer than give up my money to their filthy grubby hands.

I wrote that a few hours ago, but didn’t manage to finish the post. Now its a few hours later and I feel better. Not much better, but not as angry as I was. Today still sucked as much as it could though. Here’s a break down of my day:

I take half the day off to go to a hospital to check up and get my eczema treated.
– I get caught speeding- I was doing 95 on an 80 highway. Alright, I get off with a RM30 payment (yeah it was wrong, but I couldn’t afford to pay the 300) and continue to the hospital. But that wasn’t the worse part of the day. In fact it probably was the best of the worst.
– I reached the hospital, parked the car and went to the counter and asked where I should go to see a dermatologist. They told me that there were no dermatologists in at the moment. And the next one would be coming in at 6pm. I told them that I called them up yesterday and the person on the phone told me to come in from 1-5pm. It was 2pm. Needless to say I stormed off.
– 4 hours later, I’m back in the hospital, and waiting. The doctor comes in at 6.30. Despite being 2nd in line, when I lined up there was another patient before me, I got cut to like 5th place. I saw the doctor at almost 7.30.
– The doctor checks me out and says that I have a very serious case. I get a jab, and a prescription.
– I try to use my AIA insurance card to pay for my consultation, apparently the doctor wasn’t covered by the panel. But the hospital he works in is. How strange is that? Anyway I paid 150 for the consultation and jab.
– Next, I went to pay for my medication. RM250 worth. Apparently I can claim back about 100+ according to the admin in my office. So there goes another 100 bucks. If I can’t claim anything back, that’s 400 spent on the doctor alone.
– The other 300? I spent about 270 on bills earlier in the day. With the RM30 bribe, that’s 700. And people ask me how can I smile all the time?

I really don’t know.

EDIT : I’m glad people can feel better reading this. ‘I’m so happy my day didnt’ suck as much as yours George! Thanks!’

You’re welcome.

4 thoughts on “And I’m suddenly aware of your unhappiness.”

  1. Smileeee georgieee! =)
    Come come, I’ll buy you dinnerr when I get back 😉 My hands are still filthy-grubby-free! x

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