You know you love your job when.. dream about your office. haha

A few weeks back when I was in Singapore, I had this weird ass dream that I saved on my phone-

I had a weird dream last night. Inspidea expanded and I came back to work in a totally brand new office with tonnes of new people and new equipment.
Loads of people left their guitars in the office.
We had a massive library, comparable to Kinokuniya and a quite number of hot chicks.
But all I could think of was, “Fuck! All my mp3s are gone! What’s Jason’s share? It’s not ninos-13! I hope he copied all my songs!”

The reason for my lack of updates- computer has been screwy for awhile and I only finished formatting/reinstalling all my stuff a few days ago. Now its fixed and I’m back online, so clap your hands and dance to some FTSK!

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