Black cats

I’m back home!
Spent the last couple of days in Singapore and JB. It was a fun trip despite the small group this year. We even met the famous youtube star: ling86! That was pretty cool. I got to drive an M3 😀 Buy a shirt, get tooled at the same ice-cream shop, eat ramen ten and pepper lunch, look at pretty girls at starbucks (lol) and walk around alot. I didn’t take any photographs cos I didn’t bring my camera along so I’ll have to get them off Ferhan’s awesome camera.

Anyway, the point of my post is actually about an idea I had which I thought was pretty cool when I thought about it last Friday morning. But now after awhile it’s just so-so. I’ll just share it anyway– (the message saved on my phone:) black cats aren’t bad luck! Driving in the dark- see a brown cat on the road, swerve to avoid it, crash and die. Drive on the road, you don’t see a black cat, run over it, and you don’t swerve, crash and die. Basically I was thinking of how ‘bad luck omens’ could be reversed into good luck instead. Could be for a short 4 panel comic or animation clip under 1 minute. There’s so many superstitious ideas out there, you can’t run out of material!

Sometimes my dreams can continue! It’s like a tv-series in my head! Of recent I’ve been dreaming about staying in a house in some nice fancy place. I don’t know if it even exists, but it’s in this super nice high-class area, with flowers, peach colored walls and hot neighbours. I keep dreaming about that same place. I don’t know what it means. Maybe it’s a vision of where I’ll be living in the future. Or it could be interpreted as something else. Any dream analyzers here? Haha.

After watching Superbad I’m inspired to draw more dicks! That movie rocks. Seriously. One of the funniest ‘high school films’ since Napolean Dynamite and The Breakfast Club. A must watch!

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