Merry Christmas!

You know you’re getting old when your definition of a good day is reaching work on time.

The other day I had my job appraisal and it was pretty much full of shit. I haven’t been living up to my bosses’ expectations for the past couple of months and I guess it showed. Not being able to lead well, missing deadlines, proposing stupid ideas, slacking at work, and so on. My fault? Probably. The incompetent.. whatever. Since when did I start ranting about work anyway? haha.

I got the whole week to think of 3 goals which I want to set for myself next year. And one of them has to be related to work. It’s kinda important. I guess its gonna determine my future in the company. However bleak/promising it seems/sounds.

Anyways, onwards to less depressing stuff– it’s baby Jesus’ birthday today! (not according to some people though).

SmartTAG should be renamed to DumbTAG. Because the amount of jams it causes is appalling. I face the DumbTAG jam at least once a week. I don’t get how the shitty thing malfunctions once in awhile. Shouldn’t it be working all the time or not at all?! I, myself have caused such aforementioned jams and have nobody to blame but the little white box on my dashboard. Kinda embarrassing having to turn on your hazard lights, reverse and switch lanes. But it’s not uncommon and people expect these kinds of anomalies to happen.

Just like timing. Is there any other country in the world with Malaysian Time? Are we so backward that even our concept of time has warped with our brains? And the other day I heard about people getting arrested for downloading stuff off the internet? You know, if stuff was actually available for purchase here, people wouldn’t have to download so much shit. I for one would gladly buy CDs of the bands I listen to if I could actually find them in CD stores here. What about tv shows? Why can’t we get comedy central? or Fox? seriously, Astro doesn’t need so many channels. More than three-quarters of those channels are shitty. What’s with the mentality of quantity over quality?

Which brings me back to.. and we’ve come full-circle again.

Have yourselves a Merry Christmas and a fucking brand new year.

Here’s something that I think would make even Julius proud


11 thoughts on “Merry Christmas!”

  1. Hahhaah! you have put a smile on my face george! by the way, here’s another stupid arrest in malaysia. Some guy got arrested for stealing 150 eggs and sent to 10 years of prison. How stupid is that. the next thing you know, people get hang for singing the wrong lyrics on stage.

    happy xmas george~!

  2. omg @.@ good perspective drawing skills..hahahaa..
    hahaaha Merry Christmas bro:P

    im getting older 2..*
    heard from my collegue too that it isn’t Jesus bday on xmas day..jus a day they dated to celebrate coz there were lots of other festivals around this time? hehee..duno la..but i know that its about having a great time on this special day 😛 or 12days? hehehee..

  3. Leave that company of yours would be a wise choice for the brand new year! Workers can never meet the bosses’ expectations cos they’re setting it high and high each time! You’re a smart fellow, so don’t waste your future in that company!

  4. James Tan : I haven’t watched it yet.. should I watch it?
    hope you had a great xmas!

    Rina : I can put more than a smile on your face! hahaha! People get arrested for the stupidest things. Watch ‘Ripley’s believe it or not’ and sometimes they have stuff on country laws
    hope you had a great xmas!

    june : thank you! hope you had a great xmas!

    Lynndy : HO HO HO! hope you had a great xmas!

    van1ty : obviously! hope you had a great xmas!

    jsze : thanks! 😛 hope you had a great xmas!

    moy : thanks! hope you had a great xmas!

    SmartWorker : thanks! hope you had a great xmas!

    starcrossedangel : we sure did! hahaha.. hope you had a great xmas!

    dustyflipflops : yeah I was! added you on msn btw (if the email you entered is your msn email) hope you had a great xmas!

    hope you had a great xmas!
    hope you had a great xmas!
    hope you had a great xmas!
    hope you had a great xmas!
    hope you had a great xmas!
    hope you had a great xmas!


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