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Something is very wrong with the world

I was just going through my stats the other day, and here is the list of top 10 searches people use to get to my site:

And i’ll go through each of them one by one.

1. fucking girl
I guess it’s not an uncommon topic to search for in this age of internet pornology. But why people would come to my blog instead of a porn site for ‘fucking girl’ amazes me. I don’t even have anything remotely erotic in my blog! Maybe I should write something erotic one day. Test my sexual writing skills. *notes down in list of things to do for my blog to get more hits*

2. my car stories
What do people expect to find anyway? Car stories? Man, never in my life have I ever loaded google, and typed in ‘my car stories’. What did these people expect to find? Stories of me getting blown in the car? (lol) Maybe its time I change my domain name to something less sexual 😀

3. sometimes i feel like ontime
I searched my own blog for this and found nothing! I don’t even know how my site came up in the search results for this. I don’t even know what ontime means for goodness sake!

4. why it wouldn’t be nighttime without the moon
This has probably got to be the most intelligent query ever. Too bad the person who came to my blog searching for info to writeup his thesis probably thought my post was a load of shit. haha

5. summoning a succubus
I don’t recall ever writing about such a topic. But if something like that, head over to this site which teaches you “How To Summon A Succubus
In 10 Easy Steps”
. I kid you not.

6. prawn noodle
I blogged about it awhile ago, so I guess its no big deal. Interesting that people would search for prawn noodles in the first place.

7. fuck girl picture
Shows what kind of people search for these kinds of pictures- people with bad grammar. And again, I have NO idea how people even find my site using that string. I mean I enter it and get a shitload of porn sites! is nowhere near the top.

8. build in shower
Again, the absurdity of the search scares me. I have no idea what it means, and I’ve only written one post about showers and it has nothing to do with ‘build in shower’.

9. opposite of smart
my blog appears in the top 2 result, I guess cos I have a post titled ‘the opposite of smart’. makes me wonder why people didn’t just type in ‘dumb’. lol

10. naked motorbike
Even Su Ann was stunned by this. I too was rendered speechless. WTF is a naked motorbike?!?! Do motorbikes even have clothes? haha.

The internet is full of strange people. And so is comic fiesta.

Gayest moment of my life- when me (seng yip and james as well) thought this girl was pretty hot. From far. And then discovering she was a HE.

CF really inspired me. I’m gonna start my own comics and sell them next year. YEAH!. (right)

7 thoughts on “Something is very wrong with the world”

  1. aha omgg..the arms are huge laa hahahaa how can u say he’s a girl =.= maybe his face was covered 😛 hahahaa..

    i got searched for sorority barbie and the person viewed my blog for awhile =.=

  2. Hahaha Oh george…so sorry to hear about your blog stats. I thought mine’s was view by weird google people. Now i can see yours is worst. Hahah!

    oh i love your i-pood shirt!

  3. icednyior : what next? barely 18 skateboards? :p

    jsze : from far he looked like a girl! haha

    jtpa : IT!!! hahahahaah

    Rina : i love my i-pood shirt too 😛 and yeah, the internet is just full of weird people!

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