Morning Sketch

So I went to Comic Fiesta.. it was a pretty interesting experience. Will upload some pics once I get them from James. I bought a few books. Supporting the local art scene. Maybe one day I’ll even open up my own booth and sell my own stuff there.

Just now while chatting, I just took my stylus out and started drawing circles on the screen. Next thing I knew, I felt like drawing something. So I did a quick 10 minute self-portrait. No lights on in my room, just this monitor and a mirror next to my monitor to look at.

Feel free to comment/criticize/wank to this picture ^.^ (damn I have buck teeth! and i couldn’t do the floral print on my pj’s. too hard :p)

10 thoughts on “Morning Sketch”

  1. haahahaa eh not bad la yr sketching in the yr buck teeth grew smaller when u got older 😛 hahahaa..

    Happy Birthday George Wong!!! Love u loadz and take care always~!!! See u all for dinner lateR!! 🙂 ehhehee..hugZ!!!!!

  2. Hahah ! Before I read your comments I was thinking “lol, you have buckteeth!” :p

    Cool sketch dude. Since I’m late in posting a comment, and everybody has wished you a happy birthday and its probably not your birthday anymore, I’ll wish myself happy birthday(happy birthday me !), cause its my birthday today, wahahahahahahahah!!!

    …oh, incidently..Happy belated birthday :p


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