Photography is my passion. (bullshit)

Been awhile since I uploaded some photographs taken with my camera phone. Well my phone doesn’t have blue tooth, and the infra red cable i have doesn’t seem to work the phone, so I’ve been sending photos from one phone to another phone with blue tooth, and from that phone to my pc. Nice.

The other day I went for TJ’s performance with his church band 1am at Bangkok Jazz. I took this photograph and happened to notice the tagline for Bangkok Jazz above the stage ‘Sinfully Yours’. I thought that was pretty ironic. Haha

This was at the airport in Phuket.. look closely and you can see signs to gate 66, and 6. Weird cos the numbers were from like 1-10, and then all of a sudden there was 66..evil shit

This is how you sleep at work. HAHA. (Pictures taken and posted without permission, sue me Jason!)

Been awhile since we’ve had some rice on the site. This one is bad!

7 thoughts on “Photography is my passion. (bullshit)”

  1. Albert Ng : gushendeit! (however it is spelt)

    van1ty : don’t let me catch you doing that to your car!

    jsze : that’s not me in the photographs..haha

    Lynndy : i will reward you, my kind peasant friend!


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