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Score thief

You know what I like to do at arcades?
I watch people who play games, finish off the boss, and leave right after that. I stay till the credits are over, and when it says ‘enter your initials’ I put mine in.

Are rapper names getting more ridiculous each day? The other day I was flipping through the newspaper and there was a new rapper called ‘Soulja Boy’. That wasn’t the worst part, throughout the whole interview, he kept talking about money- making it and spending it. That’s it! Every question he just answered with something about money.

Is it just me or does Michael Jackson have a problem saying ‘thriller’ in his own song, Thriller?
It sounds like he’s saying ‘D love!’ or ‘Three love!’ or ‘Tree Lor!’. It sounds like everything except Thriller! How can someone sing a song when they can’t even pronounce its title?!

Someone recommend this movie to me and now I’ve been recommending this movie to everybody: Zeitgeist. It’s an online indie movie about conspiracies. If you like conspiracies, you have to watch this. It’s like the Da Vinci Code on steroids. Insane shit. It’s about 2hours long, so grab a nice chair and enjoy the ride.

4 thoughts on “Score thief”

  1. I just finished zeitgeist, i dunno what to say, i’m shocked.. it’s so unreal but i don’t want to deny its possibility.. thanks for sharing it.

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