Want to sixty-nine?

So the other day I was chatting with James online and somehow he convinced me to buy a lottery ticket. So a few days later, I headed to the Sports Toto place nearby my office and bought a ticket. I spent RM5 on it. The number?

James’ reasoning behind the number – ‘Want to 69?’ That was enough for me to go out and buy it.

Now when I told one of my friends this, he said that there was no way in the world I would win. His reasoning? Cos it was a ‘stupid’ number. And it wasn’t a ‘winning’ number. To him, a ‘winning’ number would be one taken from a car accident or something auspicious.

James told me my next ticket number should be -2969. (To-night-sixty-nine)
A sure fire winner!

* * * * *

The other day my boss decided that watching Prison Break on a standard sized monitor wasn’t enough.. so he took away my dual monitor set up and gave me a wide screen monitor in place. So now I enjoy PB on widescreen!

(totally made up story about the Prison Break bit, but the rest is true :p)

9 thoughts on “Want to sixty-nine?”

  1. Hahahaha you should give the number to Andrew, see if he gets better luck on getting a new building.
    btw you almost had me there with the monitor shit.
    miss u george!

  2. jtpa: beats me… i’m still wondering if stepping on shit
    can strike first prize.

    Rina: Screw that! I just moved to a new building. Its called the UNDERGROUND. ooooo (sounds lame but who cares)

    What about me!? Don’t you miss toastface?

    George: The screen is awesome. I had one too in the new office.


  3. van1ty : ‘fo sure!

    jtpa : me neither. some people seem to think otherwise

    Rina : maybe for the 3rd building :p sorry, i don’t miss you! hahahahaha jk, i miss you too!

    jsze : the screen is smaller than my 2 screens combined! it’s a downgrade :p

    gerald : i think so too.. hahahah

    daryl : thanks for speaking on my behalf -___- hahaha


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