White gloves, white helmet, white motorbike, white stripe.

Today every traffic cop was on my side.
It was crazy.

It reminded me of one of those days I had before where I thought I was going to die- every light was green, and everything was going according to plan. I thought it was my final day on Earth.

Usually traffic police annoy the fuck out of me. I really see no reason why they should override traffic lights. Unless the traffics lights are not working of course. They let cars go when it is red, and stop cars when it is green, letting whichever side they feel like letting go, go. Depending on the weather/their mood/or whether they are having their periods.

Anyways, I used to take this road where I would always be on the unfavored side of the evening traffic cop. I would wait at some 1km stretch of road for like 30 minutes cos he would let 3-4 cars go, and then stop us from proceeding any further. I had to resist the urge to get justice blood under my wheels.

But I’ve always wondered. Why place a cop there when the lights are doing their job? Don’t they trust a simple algorithm that was created specifically to change the color of lights after a certain interval? Must they risk the lives of policemen? How do you think they feel? Standing in the middle of a busy fucking road with cars coming from all directions. Practically naked besides a whistle and some white gloves (clothes won’t save you from getting run over). All these cops have are their own wits and their trust of Malaysian drivers to obey his (yes his because I have yet to see a female traffic cop) waving hands (but then George, why did you say period? because I felt like it).

Traffic lights work fine, but the PeRson In Charge (PRIC(k)) decides he needs some cops to do the job of something that’s already doing its job. Do you see the logic in that? All our money that is spent on roads- all wasted? Are they funding the cops and the lights? Isn’t that redundant? Why not just have one?

Can cops be bribed to let you go first? I’d like to think that if I slipped a cop a rm5 note he would blow the whistle and let my car go.

You know when your country is fucked up? When people who live in it consider bribery normal, and essential to survival.

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