A Couple of Strange Dreams

It’s been a while since I’ve had some dreams worth writing about, but the other day and earlier this month I had two that I remembered to write down on my phone.

March 24th
One of my friends hosted a big ass party for his whole neighborhood. The roads were closed so that people could walk around freely. There were tables and chairs set up along the side of the roads for people to sit and enjoy their food. It seemed to be some sort of Chinese New Year themed event, as I remember a lot of red decorations and fireworks. There was roasted pork, grilled chicken wings and satay. Everybody was having a good time until some troublemakers arrived.

I was chilling with some friends, enjoying our food when a bunch of Chinese gangsters showed up wielding knives, guns and slingshots that fired long needles (don’t ask me why, it’s just what I remembered in the dream). They walked around with masks and bandannas around their faces to protect their identities. I had no reason why they were at the party. I just assumed that they had something against the host. Anyway, they went around the neighborhood killing random people – I had no idea who the victims were, but quite a lot of people died.

I remember cowering in fear, crouched by some walls, trying to hide from the gangsters. None of us could do anything to stop them. Even my friends who were trained in combat didn’t dare to attack them because they had weapons. It was a very strange feeling. I knew it was a dream, yet I felt so helpless and hopeless. We were such cowards.

The dream was still going on when I woke up. One of the gangsters had found me and my friends and was threatening to kill some of us. I don’t know how it concluded, but I felt pretty bad about it.

March 5th
I was walking home one night and as I approached my condominium, I saw a guy I had been trying to avoid waiting for me outside the guard-house. Since he was some distance away, I didn’t think he saw me so I decided to avoid him by sneaking into the condominium through the side entrance. However, he managed to spot me and followed after me. I took the elevators to the wrong floors, and used the stairs to throw him off but somehow he managed to stay on my trail. It was like he knew my every move.

In the end, I decided to confront him instead of hide from him. I questioned him – what do you want from me? Why are you following me? He told me that he needed my help. He wanted me to sell drugs for him. The kicker? He took his arms out of his pockets to reveal two stumps where his hands used to be. They had been chopped off.

I’m pretty sure I declined his proposition – I woke up after that.

Two vivid dreams. Strangely violent. I haven’t been watching violent or gang-related movies recently, so I’m not sure what influenced my mind to concoct such stories. Also, they seem too literal to have any symbolism though I could be wrong. Any dream interpreters out there care to shed some light?

Old Homes, Old Faces

It’s been a while since I’ve had a wacky dream, but that changed last night.

I was in my room in my old house (I seem to have a lot dreams which take place in homes I used to stay in – never in my current home), when I heard a familiar voice outside my door. I opened the door and to my surprise, it was my dad. For some reason he had decided to come back to Malaysia.

But the dad in my dream was very different. His face was how I remembered it to be, albeit a lot older, and that was the only part of him I recognized. He had grey crew cut hair (never seen him have that hair style in my life), and his was big and beefy. Like he had been spending the past 5 years in Texas lifting cows and drinking nothing but protein shakes. But that didn’t faze me.

He was holding my mom and she was holding him back like they were never separated. That didn’t faze me.

Instead, the first thing that came out of my mouth was, “how come you’re back in the country?”
I remember he was smiling as he replied, but I don’t remember what he said – or anything after that (such is the fleeting nature of dreams, someone NEEDS to come up with a dream recorder dammit).

Anyway, I woke up feeling really weird. I know dreams don’t mean anything, but I thought it was interesting enough to share.