Chicken Rice Balls (and more stories from my handphone)

So I haven’t posted in awhile. I haven’t been too free. But all that has changed! Muawahahahaha

I spent last Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at the office working my ass off (with my colleagues) to meet a deadline (we didn’t make it anyway lol). Reminded me of my final semester at Lim Kok Wing, where I wouldn’t sleep and just work all day and night. Eating like one meal a day, just working, working working..

Anyways..on to clearing out the saved messages on my handphone:

I don’t see what’s the point of chicken rice balls- they taste the same as normal chicken rice. You just have a harder time eating it. Someone decided they could make money by making balls out of rice and selling them at higher prices. Well I guess it worked!

Written when I was on a trip to Melaka awhile back..chicken rice balls FTL!

Cars should have a ‘go ahead’ light! You sometimes you encounter situations when you’re moving slowly and another car slows down for you, you don’t get it, but when you do and speed up, the other car speeds up and you can’t go anymore.. Sometimes they flash their lights, but you never know what they mean! Go? or don’t go!

Written when I was annoyed with cars.

Villains aren’t so cool anymore. I saw a snatch thief victim. Blood all on his hands. I felt pity for him.

Now I understand why people never glorify real villains.

My mom doesn’t like going back home before completing everything, its a waste of time i guess it rubbed off on me

A load of gibberish, but it basically means that nowadays, I don’t like going out of the house, coming back home and then going out again. If I’m going out, I want to get everything done before returning home. Something my mom does all the time. Last time whenever I came back home and went out again, she would scold me, ‘wah you think petrol so cheap ah?!’ so I guess I slowly conformed.

A mars a day helps you work, rest and play

I read if on the Mars chocolate bar wrapper.

Everytime someone jumps a red light, I like to shake my head in hopes that they would see me and feel guilty

Doesn’t everybody do that? They go ‘tsk tsk’ inside the car, when clearly the other person 10 meters away, behind at least 2 layers of glass can hear them. The things people do.

My cousin is twelve and I wear smaller shirts than him

Something is obviously wrong here.

Bringing sprouts to a cashier, express counter denies entry.

I always wondered if one day what if a cashier decides to play a prank and deny to serve a customer who brought a bag of sprouts to the express counter. ‘less than 10 items sir! that looks like a 100 beans!’

And to conclude, I shall leave you guys with a taste of an upcoming project :p
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I’m not saying what it is.. yet 🙂

8 thoughts on “Chicken Rice Balls (and more stories from my handphone)”

  1. A Mars a day? I think in my case it’s Livita. I can’t remember when I started drinking it on a regular basis, but now unless have a bottle a day, I’d drive home falling asleep behind the wheel.

  2. The rice balls were made for the purpose of easier eating during the olden days. It was easier to be packed too. 😀

    Those were the days, but not anymore.

  3. “Eating like one meal a day, just working, working working..”

    Wow, that’s a good way to meet deathline. Your boss must be delighted and happy to see you guys working the extra miles without extra pay for him. Some bosses are just so good at setting impossible deathline for the workers to meet knowing very well it is not time to die yet but they set don’t care!

  4. take care of yr health k!! don’t get sick like me..haahaa 😛
    i’m ok now 🙂
    mum’s know best..aha…
    which cousin wearing larger shirt than u? haahaaa =p

  5. Silencers : I don’t eat a Mars bar a day, I was just quoting the wrapper haha.. I gotta try Livita, been driving home half asleep too often :/

    Jason : wow, thanks for the insightful comment, I had no idea 🙂

    SmartWorker : dude, you gotta chill, sounds like you hate my boss haha.. the not-eating part I was referring to my final semester at LUCT

    jsze : haha I’m fine, thanks for asking 🙂 at least you get free reloads! and Ivan wears bigger shirts than me.. haha

    Albert Ng : yeap, sometimes I stay back at work late to beat the jam as well :p

    Isobel : :X haha


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