The AFC Model

By Tyler

The Average Frustrated Chump (a term coined by Ross Jefferies), is defined in The Game as a guy who tends to engage in supplicative and wimpy behavior around women. In other words, our beloved AFC is the mythical Nice Guy that always finishes last and will forever buy into the frame of how the jerk always gets the girl.

Some guys with natural abilities to pickup women and be comfortable around them, and some just simply do not have any game whatsoever. I personally believe that this is all due to upbringing, where our AFC might have had such chivalrous notions like buying women flowers, dinner, gifts, opening doors for them, waiting on them hand and foot, grounded into them at an early age, by none other than their mom. It’s ironic because the values women like our mom teach us are the values they avoid, at least in part.

The mentality of “If I’m nice she’ll like me,” is very true. Women love nice guys, guys who can treat them right and such, but AFC’s will misinterpret sucker, for nice. Common misinterpretations include phrases such as:

Her: “Could you fetch me to my friend’s house? We’re supposed to have a study group today.”

Her: “Listen, I need someone to help me move house, I would be eternally grateful if you could lend me a hand.”

Her: “Could I borrow your notes for this lecture? I’ve been partying SO much this week I haven’t been able to make it for class.”

Her: “Hey you wanna follow me to the mall today? I got some stuff I need to do but I don’t want to go alone.”

Her: “I’m so hungry. Could you do me a favor and buy me lunch? I really don’t feel like going out into the hot sun today.”

If you have said YES to any such requests, or requests that are similar, I’m sorry to say that traces of AFC have been found in your system! Okay maybe I’m exaggerating and those might be perfectly innocent requests and that not all women are whores and liars, but there are some women who do know that they’re manipulating you and do it anyway. Of course this doesn’t mean that you should be a total jerk and refuse all requests, but try to be a little perceptive, gauge and calibrate for yourselves. AFC’s make the mistake of thinking that they’re earning brownie points with the women but instead are earning “haha sucker!” points.

Well God forbid that AFC’s remain single forever. Once in a while AFC’s get thrown a bone and some hook up and get girlfriends. This isn’t an excuse for you to sit on your ass and wait for that bone because it rarely comes, and usually when it does, most AFC’s are too…well…AFC to realize that and it’s only through sheer luck that they get a girlfriend.

At this point I would like to dispel the notion that AFC’s are just bumbling fools who turn red when talking to girls, and spend all day walking around, looking down at the floor and averting eye contact with everyone. It is true that some are like that, but those are a rare breed. In fact, some AFC’s have totally awesome personalities that they’re just unable to call up in front of beautiful women. Among close friends and family they might have the most wicked sense of humor, or be the coolest guy, possess male model looks (yes, even hot guys can be AFC too!), enjoy successful careers but the notion of engaging beautiful women in romantic pursuits reduces them to mere husks of their usual selves.

More than one occasion have I born witness to guys who you would never expect to have a girlfriend, get one, and on more than one occasion have I noticed that it started to grow more and more one-sided. I’m sure many of us have these types of friends; friends who write super mushy Friendster/Myspace comments for their girlfriend or blog about “Oh I missed my darling baby today, she is my one and only! I love you baby! *muacks*” but yet those comments and sentiments are rarely reciprocated, and you cringe and can’t help but feel bad for them. Will Smith’s character in Hitch would be the perfect example (the time when he got his first girlfriend).

Not all of us were born into this world with the natural ability to pickup girls, be charming, be quick witted, be out-going, possess an excellent sense of humor, or be ruggedly handsome or rakishly good-looking. That’s the sad truth but I beg to differ. We may never develop great looks short of plastic surgery but we can learn to be entertaining, we can become well-groomed, we can become knowledgeable and interesting. Discover the path and follow my journey – welcome to The Artist Realized.

* * * *

And so, my good friend Seng Yip wrote the above article.. as a prelude to his own blog? I don’t know, anyways stay tuned if you’re interested 🙂

13 thoughts on “The AFC Model”

  1. Lol, nice article Seng Yip 🙂

    Too many AFC’s in this world. Been there, done that(I mean me). But after you’ve been hurt once or twice, then you find out you don’t give a sh!t, and then you stop being an AFC, and then the girls flock to you :p

    Push and pull dude!

    Great wakeup call to those who are still trying to be the nice guy. Similar to george’s “pet brother” post. 😀

    Btw, I don’t need plastic surgery to develop great looks, was born this way, too bad (for the other guys in this world :p )

  2. I think I’m far from being AFC…

    With my super pissed off face and less smiles I doubt any girls would’ve approached me within a mile radius.

    Gotta learn to smile more… but then again… what do I care….


  3. Kinson : and that’s why you should write a book about the Kinson method. haha

    daryl : just think about the funniest thing that’s ever happened to you. All the time. So you’ll constantly smile :p

    chrissy : awwwwwwwww <. bodicea : good thing Askimet likes you, you spammer.. lol but yeah, me and a few of my friends have read 'The Game'.. it's a good book 🙂


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