Turkish Rock for the win!

Damn Bodicea, you gotta stop hacking my blog! Haha just kidding πŸ™‚

As some of you might have noticed that my blog was hacked. (Read the post below)
I thought that was pretty cool! Never happened to me before. Did you guys try going to that site? It’s some turkish rock site or something..didn’t understand a word of it. No I didn’t ‘hack’ myself for attention. I did a google on ‘Hacked by ult_raslan58 | www.rockturka.org’ and found a whole list of sites hacked by the same dude. Go ahead, and try it!

Anyways, the whole post about the car is gone, I don’t even remember what I wrote, but I’m leaving the post there as a trophy. The first ever internet attack!

Not too bad though. Raelene called me up in the afternoon to tell me about it. Win Yew called a few hours later.
I thought it was something serious- I expected a badly photoshopped picture of my face onto some gay shit, but nooo all I get was a link to some website. It’s not even a shock site. Sheesh!

If you guys notice anything else wrong with my blog, please let me know. I haven’t gotten around to inspecting the code yet to see if anything else was tampered with.

– your friendly neighborhood spider man

11 thoughts on “Turkish Rock for the win!”

  1. Yeah, I noticed something wrong with your blog
    Your (newer) blog entries don’t have anymore cool drawings. Its either:

    a)you’ve been hacked
    b)your graphic card beeps and sucks (haha!) :p

  2. daryl : dude I know!

    Kinson : I will get back to more art..soon πŸ™‚ and you could always buy me a new PC

    angel : that would depend to who πŸ˜‰

    jsze : how would u know that its a he? maybe its a she :p

    jtpa : awesomeness haha, I think it looks pretty neat.. I’m still looking through the css but I’m brain dead at the moment

  3. bodicea : aiyohhh go read the previous post, it was supposed to be a post about my car accident, but it got hacked, and the hacker hacked your comment too, so it looked as if you were the one who hacked my blog! It’s not funny anymore now that I have to explain it -_- haha


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