(Circling) Parking Spots

If there’s one thing I can’t stand when I’m in a car in a parking lot – it has to be drivers who go around in circles looking for the ‘perfect spot’ to park in. You know where’s the perfect spot? Any fucking spot. Anything is better than circling a lot for 30 mins just to find some place that’s closer to the entrance because for some reason you can’t walk more than 10 meters to the mall. Seriously. It annoys me to no end. It inconveniences other people (because parking lots usually have narrow lanes that don’t allow cars to overtake) and the time you spend circling the parking lot could be used being productive.

You know what’s the best way to find a parking spot? Drive down to the lowest floor. Because many people in Malaysia seem obsessed about finding spots on the higher floor for some strange reason. A lot of the times, these people create jams inside malls looking for spots to park in. I think it’s a worse offense than parking in handicapped spots. At least those guys don’t hold up traffic for no reason. So, just go all the way down and chances are you’ll find plenty of places to park in. It’s a great tip which works in every mall except during public holidays (when you should be avoiding such places in the first place).

You park your car faster, you spend less time in it, more time doing whatever you need to do, and you can even leave the mall within 15 minutes if you’re fast enough. Also, you don’t hold up people behind you. You’ll make someone else’s day. Don’t be a dick, walk a bit, it doesn’t hurt.

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