Sink or Swim

Ever since Taking Back Sunday stopped being Taking Back Sunday, I’ve always been looking out for a band to recreate music similar to the style of Taking Back Sunday I fell in love with. For a long time, nobody came close – until recently, when I discovered this band called Pentimento. I can’t remember how I stumbled across their music, but damn I was blown away when I put on their latest album, I, No Longer. From the Eleven-like opening Small Talk for Strangers, to the ‘Ballad of Sal Vilanueva’-ish riff in Sink or Swim; I, No Longer is reminiscent of the old school Taking Back Sunday I love. Bear in mind that this isn’t an insult (why would I write about them otherwise?) but a testament to how good I think their music is.

Listening to Pentimento for the first time invoked in me feelings that I had listening to TBS in the past. While they have similarities (guitar sound, call back vocals, and ’emo’ lyrics), Pentimento’s music is strong enough to stand out on its own and fans of the genre will easily find themselves at home. I haven’t had a chance to listen to their full discography yet, but their 2015 is definitely one of my favorite releases I’ve heard this year. Check out I, No Longer below:

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