Generic Karaoke Videos

One of the funniest things about the karaoke is the generic videos they create for songs that don’t have official videos. These generic videos usually consist of white people (usually attractive girls) running around beautiful scenery, doing random moves and maybe looking into the camera or staring into the distance. They never have anything to do with the songs, so it makes you wonder how such videos were conceptualized in the first place.

Who thought those videos would be a wonderful idea? I’m pretty sure a lot of people thought they were good because they caught on. If they weren’t successful, there wouldn’t be so many of them around. Somebody definitely thought – hey! that’s a wonderful idea. They’re easy to shoot, and can be applied to any music video. And so the trend was born.

After doing some digging, it turns out that these karaoke videos were commissioned by companies to circumvent copyright. Initially they were even weirder videos of random shit, but they were eventually replaced by the stock footage kind I was talking about. They were mostly low-budget and done by young, aspiring directors. Interesting read.

Anyway, I don’t know why I decided to write about karaoke music videos today. I have a story idea about karaoke music videos though. It’s about a guy who goes karaoke singing one day and sees this extremely attractive girl in a karaoke music video. He falls in love with her and goes on a mission to find out who she is, so her can track her down and ask her out.

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