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No. 30? What happened to 29? Well it was an open mic I played at Urban Attic for Doppelganger a few weeks back, which was last minute and I didn’t get a chance to inform anyone.

Anyway this I’ll playing at indie youth fest, 1 Utama, Rain Forest LG 4.30 pm, this Sunday! more details at: (the facebook invite).

Hope to see you guys there! It’s been awhile since I’ve played a daytime event, so here we go!

I’ll also be sending out A Million Different Weddings with my phone on that day, so if you want my mp3 and you were too lazy to download it, just look for me and I’ll send it to you using Bluetooth! šŸ˜€ *jeng jeng jeng*

4 thoughts on “Gig #30”

  1. Isobel : haha, I’m no more an Ampang boy!

    TJ : no, I’m still an amateur.

    eriol : thanks! and yeah I heard Beggars, it’s not too bad.. still like IOS, AITA better though.

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