Gig #56 and #57

Wow, I know I said that after my EP was completed this year, I’d be focusing on the The Wishing instead of 2storeyheart, but it seems like the other way round instead. I’ve tried playing with Jason for a couple of gigs, but we kept bombing cos we didn’t have enough practice. The best performance we ever did was probably the one at Fete De La Musique (the video below) and cos we rehearsed like crazy for that gig. Haha. We do have some new ideas for some new songs, but things have been going pretty slowly. And the mic port on my soundcard is now spoilt, so I can’t do any home demos in the mean time which brings me to the next point of this post: my next 2 gigs!

Junk Open Mic at The Bee Cafe
Wednesday, 8th September 2010
8.30pm onwards
It’s an open mic, so I’ll have to register when I get there so I have no idea what time I’ll be playing, but I’ll try to get a later slot cos I know my friends are always late πŸ˜› Since it’s a Junk event, I guess there will be a lot of people turning up for the event. I get to play 2 songs, so I’ll be debuting one new song (never performed live before..ever!) and playing one song you’ve heard before. And if that isn’t enough, come for the Bee Burger. Trust me, it is GOOD πŸ˜€

RAWR!!! The Gig
Saturday, 2nd October 2010

Hey guys!

The first of many gigs to come, RAWR! The Gig features a good mix of bands in the Malaysian music scene coming together for a great party. Organized by pop punk/easycore heavyweight, An Honest Mistake, this is a gig that you don’t wanna miss!

The goal is to feature budding talents in the scene by creating a platform for them to showcase their music, as well as to promote themselves. Being acoustic-based, the barrier of audience-artiste will be brought closer, if not ‘disappear’; to a place of intimacy.

The first will feature:

An Honest Mistake
For This Cycle (SG)
Once Upon A Time There Was A Sausage Named Bob
Fragments & Frictions
Dichi Michi
A Ruthless Cleansing
2 Storey Heart

It’s an awesome line up, with acts you are bound to enjoy, cos I enjoy them too πŸ˜€ I’ll get to play a 15 minute set, so I can fit in a number of songs for this gig. And it’s been a long time since I’ve played at the same show as AHM, Sausage and Eve so I’m pretty stoked! I can already tell it’s going to be one crazy night!

Both gigs will have no cover charge, so just drag your asses down to the show! See you guys there πŸ˜€

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