Go on, get up, get out, don’t even think about it.

So now I’ve pretty much settled back into my ‘normal’ life at home (with internet), I have time to sit down and write again. Oh its 2.44 am and I should be in bed, but I’m not tired. And it’s been a long time since I’ve written something meaningful and worth reading, and I’m not doing anything productive at the moment, so I might as well start.

You know, sometimes- no wait, a lot of times the journey to someplace is more fun than when you arrive at the destination itself. Long road trips in cars with friends (and sometimes people that you’ve just met) are some of the most interesting experiences you can have. All sorts of crazy conversation topics come up (i.e. if your dad is dying and the only way for him to survive is for him to fuck you- in the ass, would you save him?), and once in awhile you get random confessions out of the blue (no I’m not typing any here!). But yeah, people come up with pretty much anything just to kill the silence.

Then you have the smelling game. Once in awhile somebody will smell a fart. And the blame is passed around. Sometimes you’ll smell something good when the windows are open. Sometimes its the smell of rubbish. Fried chicken (why do we always smell KFC?!). Fresh air.

Then you have people sleeping. Making faces in their sleep, drooling, snoring and muttering to themselves. Suddenly waking up, yelling something and then falling asleep again. Taking photographs of them in funny poses. Waking them up.

Getting lost on the way. Wrong turns in the middle of the night, with the fuel gauge low and patience wearing thin. Driving with the need to use the toilet. Especially when you just passed the rest stop 10 minutes ago. Ghost stories. Jokes. Reminiscing about the past. Talking about what you’re going to do once you reach there. Spotting weird/stupid bumper stickers and ads. Laughing at rice. Jokes about getting kidnapped and sold as slaves/prostitutes. Singing along to your favorite songs.

Trips to the airport and sending people off suck though. Especially once you reach the airport, and you send that person off. The holding back of tears, the long goodbyes. And then the long ride back home.

Somehow it just doesn’t seem so fun anymore.

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  1. u missed turning the headlight off while driving when its pitched dark..win yew wet his pants when he woke up on the way to kuantan


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