He downs another shot

So Jason got his new phone and we decided to test its video taking capabilities. Here’s a preview (well its the whole song really lol) of my latest song that will be the title track of my upcoming EP. I’ll be performing this at the next doppelganger, so if you like it, come check it out!

GIG: 22 Feb 09 Doppelganger @ MarketplaceKL features RAFIQUE RASHID, AN HONEST MISTAKE & CHAD BLONDEL (Australia)Feb
Wow! What a super line-up we have for you!

This coming February, we proudly present you the infamous Rafique Rashid, An Honest Mistake and also Chad Blondel from Perth, Australia. We’ll also be filming this edition of Doppelganger so do bring your buddies and be a part of the scene ya.

Cover: RM20 includes 1 drink
Walk in free with your Marketplace KL MoneyPenny card
Time: 9pm
Date: 22 Feb 2009
Venue: Marketplace KL, 4A off Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, Kuala Lumpur

5 thoughts on “He downs another shot”

  1. wow! i likes it. I likes it alott 🙂 Is the song with a happy tune but sad lyrics? haha I can’t really hear the lyrics except— she puts on her makeup :):)

    oh and why is there a #2 on ur guitar dudeee x

  2. moy : thanks 😀 haha

    Alison : thanks! no worries, I’ll have other gigs in the future

    vanessa : yea, it’s the happy tune/sad lyrics song. I’ll post the lyrics up soon 🙂 and its not just a 2- it’s a heart and a 2 together- the 2storeyheart logo!


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