Don’t make this easy, I want you to mean it.. Jasey

Do you ever notice that when somebody tells you- “don’t think about it”, you almost instantly think about it? Telling someone to not think about something has the opposite effect.

Do you notice when people tell you to think about something, you rarely do?

The mind works in funny ways.

A license to drive is as good as a license to kill. Seriously, sitting behind the wheel of a car, you can decide the fate of other people around you. Inside and outside your car.

Whoever said our lives were dictated by lines on the road?

4 thoughts on “Don’t make this easy, I want you to mean it.. Jasey”

  1. wow,very deep thoughts,hahhaa but honestly almost everythin ppl say has on opposite effect on u.ppl tell u go work,u purposely dun work but when its holiday,u feel like workin.

  2. it takes practice to be ignorant, but it could be bad.

    oh shucks, i missed the event. any news on the rough recordings yet?

    we could pull a short MV of you, what say you? =)

  3. FuGZ : I checked out bad’s studio, it was alright, but more suited for a full band recording. I’m still checking out other studios 🙂 and an MV would be great man! but I’ll focus on that after I get my recording done. In the meantime, I’ll contact you if you wanna come to my gigs and film me haha


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