After almost 2 months, my internet is finally working again!

Spent the last few nights just downloading stuff and playing dota and basically abusing my internet haha. Finally I’m taking the time to sit down and blog. And my hand phone is running out of space to store messages, so I shall start by writing those.

I just realized that local movies can’t show couples cheating. lol

I don’t know how true this is, but I’m pretty sure local movies with muslim characters can’t be shown cheating cos its wrong? Like how you can’t show them eating pork or drinking.. I don’t know. Just a random thought. haha

I realized how flawed the statement “You weren’t hungry a minute ago!” is

You know when you guys are on a long journey and a few people decide to eat at a rest stop, and you don’t eat cos you’re not hungry. But then about 10 minutes after you leave, you feel hungry, and people say that to you? And then you feel bad cos you think to yourself “I should have eaten with them!”. Think about it again- how do you know when you are going to get hungry or how long you’ll stay full? There’s no meter or gauge that you can read to tell you the status of your stomach! And what if ‘a minute ago’ was the point just before you turned hungry again? Exactly.

Today the lrt said bangsar just before we reached kl central (lrt was going towards kelana jaya, so central was first). I don’t know how often these errors happen, but it was pretty cool. When it was going to bangsar from kl central, it didn’t say anything, and it went back on track after bangsar. Maybe I experienced a once in a life time thing. Or maybe it was a warning from God, and that I should have gotten off one stop earlier.

Maybe I missed the turning point of my life. What is the turning point in someone’s life anyway? Isn’t every decision someone makes a turning point in their life? Every single decision from the tiniest ones like putting out a cigarette properly to big ones like deciding to drive after drinking alot of alcohol- it all affects your life. In the short or long run, everything has consequences.

How has life been? Well, besides the usual (work etc) I’ve been pretty much annoying everyone in the office to death playing my new song on the guitar everyday for the past week. I’m still working on the lyrics and music..will probably try it out at my next performance (don’t know when that is yet). And I can’t wait for you guys to hear it 😀 as for the EP, I’ll probably have to delay it til next month or later (due to financial issues..any sponsors out there? lol). In the meantime I’m still doing shows (anybody needs an acoustic solo act who does originals, please contact me!) and writing.

Anyways, its great to be back online 😀

4 thoughts on “B-b-b-b-back!”

  1. I’ve heard the wrong station being announced, too!

    So it could be very often… or we could’ve been on the same train at the same time.

    Always love those Seinfeldian questions!


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