Hola, Ubuntu

So, this weekend has been pretty interesting. Here’s rundown of what happened:

I finished my online grammar course (woot), onwards to essay writing now! Week one and I can say it’s already much more challenging than the previous course.

I started Spanish for beginners, and man – I haven’t felt this dumb in a looong time.

I watched The Visit. Scared myself shitless, thanks Milin :*

I installed Ubuntu on my sister’s old laptop. It’s actually pretty cool. Haven’t used it for more than a day yet, so we’ll see if I miss anything from Windows. I doubt it though, since I can pretty much do anything in Chrome. Will report back in a week or so! I need to get a new battery for this laptop though (it’s a Dell Inspiron N4020 – any suggestions?)

Screenshot from 2015-09-21 00:51:28

I did some non-coursework work. Tomorrow’s my last day at Priority, so I want to get everything finished before I leave. Looking forward to my weeklong break and my new job!

I upgraded my vape. Finally joined the ranks of mods and rebuildable tanks. However, it’ll probably be some time before I understand what I’m doing. For now, I’m just gonna stick to atomizers I can buy.

Happy Monday everyone! I heard it’s school holidays, so traffic should be great!

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