I Was An Island

Allison Weiss is amazing. I first discovered her when I was browsing AbsolutePunk.net when they announced that she had a new album up for streaming. Since I had never heard of her before, I decided to check the album out (AP.net are one of my favorite sites when it comes to music recommendations). I hit play on the first track and was floored. It was so good.

Allison Weiss – The Sound

The mood of the song reminded me of those scenes in movies when the nerdy girl (all dressed and made up) steps into the hall where the school dance is held. Then everyone turns and looks at her in amazement, not believing their own eyes. The girl gracefully walks past the gaping mouths to the center of the dance floor where her love interest from the beginning of the movie is standing with the bitchy antagonist (also staring in shock). The nerdy girl gives them a look and strolls past them to the boy who she’s always pined for.

Anyway, that’s just one song. I listened to the whole album stream, loved it and checked out her whole discography. I wasn’t disappointed. It’s nothing groundbreaking or super technical but that doesn’t mean it’s not good. Music doesn’t have to be about that. To me, it’s all about the feelings you get when listening to a song and her songs gave me nothing but good vibes. Allison Weiss writes great lyrics – she fully encapsulate the feelings of being in love as a hopeless romantic, something I could relate to in the past.

Allison Weiss – Stay Right Now

If you’re looking for some poppy, catchy love songs, to feel good or to help you get over a heartbreak, Allison Weiss is perfect. I’ll definitely be listening to her over and over again in the coming months.

Allison Weiss – I Was An Island

Allison Weiss – Nothing Left

Allison Weiss – Over You

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