It’s 19″, it’s wide and it’s hard…

Before I can get those filthy thoughts out your head, here is a picture of my brand new monitor that just arrived yesterday!

See Raelene, no Scarlett Johansson wallpaper! It’s Underoath!

Muwahahahah, now I can enjoy wide screen movies in the comfort of my own room! Hell, I was thinking of even formatting my blog to be best viewed on 1440 x 900 screens, but that wouldn’t be fair to other people wouldn’t it? :p

Anyways, it’s great to be back with a full color screen again. I can finally work on colored art! And no more blue hued skin porn for me! (Yes, my old monitor was missing red, so skin color on my monitor turned up bluish green. lol)

11 thoughts on “It’s 19″, it’s wide and it’s hard…”

  1. wong : i got it from Dell.. rm 631, it’s pretty big 😀

    jsze : haha of course!

    Chapree Da Grande : noo my keyboard is awesome, I’ll never change it till it gets spoilt 🙂 like you and Rae said, it’s one of the best keyboards ever

    gerald : man you need to upgrade to winxp first! hahaha

    rae : are you sure of which keyboard you’re talking about? XD

    Van1ty : lol even on my 17″ i wasn’t using 1024 x 768

  2. 4:3 Screens FTW !!! I paid extra for mine, just so I wouldn’t have to suffer widescreen(its a curse I tell you, a curse!! :p )

    Enjoy the monitor man, Dell monitors rule :p

    (Yes, 4:3 still kicks widescreen’s ass, wala wala wala !!)


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