2 Movie reviews (kinda)

Do you ever notice when you’re in a rush, all the roads seem to be jammed? But when you’re not in a rush, the roads are never jammed?
Why is that?
Is there some conspiracy going on? Why do they play such games with us?

So anyways in the past few days I have watched a couple of movies at the cinemas. And I am going to give you my thoughts on them.

Rogue Assassin
This movie has got to be the action movie of the year (so far) for me. It is damn good! Swords, guns, cars, girls, fighting, killing and more fighting. Every guy’s wet dream! Who gives a shit about the flawed storyline (the ending really brings the whole movie down, I felt that they could have done so much more, or they could have just made it a straightforward action movie minus the ‘twist’). But from the start till the end, every bit was enjoyable. One of the better action movies to come out this year. 7.5/10

The Invasion
I went into the cinema expecting a snore-fest because Raelene told me that the movie got bad reviews (and with only four hours of sleep the previous night, I thought that I might fall asleep inside the cinema). I was pleasantly surprised. The movie was actually pretty good. They shouldn’t have made the show turn into another ‘zombie’ movie half way in though, it was fine before that. The movie didn’t need zombies! And ending was way to easy and happy. Kinda like the War of the Worlds. Ended way too easily. For fans of Nicole Kidman. And invasion movies. 6/10

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  1. When in a rush yr heart beats faster so everything really does feel like it slows down 😛 Things always just go..ish why isit taking so longg..faster laa..so u’ve got to take a deeeeep breath and relaxxxxxx…Rouge was super violent..aha gonna watch invasion 2moro 😛


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