Blood runs forever

I have no idea if this was a dream or not.. last night I remember rubbing my eyes ALOT. And when I went to the toilet to look in the mirror, my eyes were bleeding! -__-“~~~~~~~ (lol)

This morning when I woke up, I checked my eyes in the mirror and they looked fine. I hope it was just a dream then. It seemed so real!

Last night I had a crazy dream- I was at the office, and I made a joke or did or said something disgusting, I can’t remember which, and one of my colleagues laughed so hard he spit water all over the floor! Everyone started laughing, including my boss. Then the other boss of the company came into the place with a client he wanted to show around. He came in the room with a client and saw the mess on the floor and was like ‘WTF?!’ and then I can’t remember what happened, but he puked as well, and so did the client. Hahahahha

If only I could recall what happened.. damn dreams! Why do you forget them so easily?!

And no this is not a joke- I’m really writing this at 7.33am- I just woke up a few minutes ago!

4 thoughts on “Blood runs forever”

  1. daryl : remember to credit me next time :p

    jenny : only if you believe in ghosts!

    I am so not Jacyln : you can’t scare me, and yes you can buy those t-shirts, I’ll let you know how 🙂


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