I clicked ‘write’ and came to this page.

It’s been awhile since I blogged, and figured that I should force myself to write something. Why?
Because I paid for this domain name and webspace! It would be a waste of money if I were to leave it stagnant. And so from today onwards, I will blog at least once every two days. Hell, on some days I’ll even blog twice in one day!

So kids, be sure to keep your fingers on the refresh button just in case I update out of nowhere. I’d update so fast it’ll be like a punch to your face (from my fist through your monitor.. yeah, its true, look closely at that faint circle in the center of your screen.. WHAM!)

Anyways, its merdeka eve tomorrow! I hope everybody gets wasted and pukes on themselves. Cos that’s something everyone ought to experience once in their life, and what better time to do it than on a day when you can wake up on not worry about looking shit faced at work or at school the next day? Exactly. And I want to plug Su Ann’s (quaintly.net) awesome post on Merdeka. Go read it!

So the other day I got a message on friendster about one person’s mission to bring Dashboard Confessional to Malaysia. I got linked to this website, and on it was some sort of petition. I thought, ‘hey, that’s a pretty neat idea!’ I would so kill for Dashboard to come here. And I hope it happens before I’m forty. I can’t imagine turning up at a dashboard concert in 20 years time with all these teen girls around me, and I’d be yelling to them ‘play Saints & Sailors!’ and the kids would look up to me and give me a look as if I was at a wrong concert. And someone would tell me ‘dude, that was so ’01! get with the program!’ and Chris Carrabba calls security to get the old geezer out of his concert. But anyways, if you’re a fan of dashboard, and believe in fairy tales, go to the Bring Dashboard Confessional To Malaysia Campaign website, and sign up! It wouldn’t hurt, and it wouldn’t hurt to try. Advertise it on your blog! Tell your friends about it!

And to conclude this post, I shall leave you with a drawing of some sort.

I call it ‘Tauren-style!’ Anyways, I don’t know how this sketch came about. I was just thinking, and all of a sudden I thought of a blood elf fucking a tauren. I don’t know if its male or female, but its funny as hell! Well almost as funny as the picture I drew of a teddy bear blowing himself:

5 thoughts on “I clicked ‘write’ and came to this page.”

  1. Jessica : I am creative :p

    gerald : hahaha that’s a great idea, I’ll see what I can do

    Rachel : I drew it just for you! Yaoi AND Warcraft!! haha

    sam* : I hope he plays at least one live show that I can watch! :'( *emo*


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