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Post your ugliest pic.

Well I was tagged by June a long long time ago to post the ugliest picture of myself. Since I couldn’t go through my old ass photos of me in high school I found this photo taken a few months ago when I was in Singapore. It’s pretty ugly and funny at the same time.

So I’m gonna tag everybody who has ever commented on my blog before :p Nobody’s gonna end up doing it anyway, but if you do, let me know! I’m gonna add something to it- post the ugliest picture of yourself, and post the best picture you have of yourself.

Update on the shirts: 100% of the profits will be given to charity, so its like donating rm30 and getting a free shirt or buy a shirt for rm30 and helping charity at the same time. lol

10 thoughts on “Post your ugliest pic.”

  1. jsze : hahahahahah not gay, emos wear tight shirts, its so cool :p

    tyler : lol it shall remain buried forever!

    James Tan : you can’t beat this! haha

    Kinson : damn good one!

    starcrossedangel : says who?! :p

    pinkpau : i’ve finally made you speak.. in CAPS!

    Silencers : i knew nobody was going to do it anyway, so i didn’t put any names lol

    moy : don’t be so modest you lady killer!

    gerald : has she been going through my closet again?!! hahahah jk

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