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Firstly, happy birthday to Jessica. Max’s lovely and amazing mother. There’s nothing I can say here that I haven’t said to her before, so I’ll just share the speech I made at her wedding (oh, happy first anniversary to Jessica and Edwin too!):

When my sister first announced her marriage, I was shocked. But then after awhile, I was like, “yes! now my friends can stop asking about her.” Some of them have had the longest crush ever since they met her for the first time, and well, sorry to say guys – she’s now taken!

Anyway, this isn’t going to be a long speech, so bear with me. My sister is getting married, and there’s not a lot for me to say. I, myself, have no experience with weddings and I’m not sure when it’s going to be my turn to be on the receiving end of this speech but hey – tonight’s not about me.

Jessica Wong Wern Sze – I may have known her all my life, but we didn’t always see eye to eye – especially when we were younger. I’ll never forget all the times she bullied me, especially that time she kept me in the corner of our living room by threatening to hit me with a fishing pole. But then again, I also won’t forget the times we got into trouble together – sliding down the stair case on a mattress or pouring powder on our heads to pretend to be old people. Fun times!

As time passed, and we grew older, we started going to college, and something changed between us. It could’ve been those long car rides we had to take back and forth from Ampang to Cyberjaya or the fact that we just grew up. But we got closer. We would actually have conversations, we’d share stories and problems with each other, basically we became great friends. I wouldn’t say we were inseparable or joint at the hip, but we were definitely BFFs.

So it is my honor for me today, as a brother and a friend, to see my sister off into the arms of this strange old man named Edwin Foo. I kid, I kid, he’s not strange – but he is an awesome chef! I know Jessica has been wanting this her whole life and I’m glad it’s finally happening. So, here’s a toast to the Jessica and Edwin, the newly wed couple – may you live long and prosper, have good health, a good home, and start a beautiful family together.

Thank you.

2storeyheart – March 10, 2013

I thought my life was perfect
Until the day that I met you
Then I knew something was missing
My heart knew something was missing

I knew that you were worth it
For you I gave my everything
Then I knew what love felt like
My heart knew what love felt like

It felt great
You turned my night into day
No more grays

I wanna spend the rest of my life waking next to you
I wanna tell you I love you
I love you through and through
Grow old and gray together
I will be yours forever

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